Silicone Gel Breast Pad

Silicone Gel Breast Pad

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The Breast Gel Pad provides soothing warmth for engorgement pain, full uncomfortable breasts, blocked ducts, mastitis, vasospasm and is great for pumping

Warm therapy is powerful to relieve the discomfort of breast engorgement (when your breasts feel hard and full) and blocked ducts (small areas of firm lumps where milk has pooled in milk ducts), and also to stimulate breastmilk flow before you feed or aiding milk flow during a pumping session.

Designed to mould to the shape of the breast with a hole in place for the nipple it is comfortable to use on any size breast.

Give the gel pad a wash in warm soapy water before first use.  Heat the pad by immersing in hot water for 10 minutes. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Always check temperature before applying to your skin and use a cloth around the pack if you need it.