Lactation Smoothie Mix by Milk Mama

Lactation Smoothie Mix by Milk Mama

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Milk Mama’s smoothie mixes have a long shelf life, are easy to prepare and store. The ingredients include natural ‘Galactagogues’ or milk enhancing foods that have been known to support milk supply in nursing mothers. What’s good about adding your own “wet” ingredients is you can choose the type of milk and fruit that works best for you. The possibilities are endless. And it's a quick and easy option to add some galactagogues to your diet - no baking required!

Makes 6 medium sized smoothies

You'll need: 1/2 cup milk of your choice, 1 banana or fruit of your choice & blender

Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, organic flaxseed meal, organic desiccated coconut, brewer's yeast, organic pumpkin seeds and organic cacao powder. 

Wheat free. Dairy free. Egg free. No refined sugar. 

No blender? Add 3 tablespoons of smoothie mix to your favourite muesli. Enjoy!