Our Vision


breastfeeding mothers

Mamas Milkbar™ is a social enterprise business who seeks to put the knowledge and tools to overcome the common challenges of learning to breastfeed in a mother's hands before she even knows she needs them!  Our Breastfeeding Boxes bridge the gap between professional support received after giving birth, and the period of time a mother spends at home learning how to breastfeed.

Our founder, Elise, was confronted by the challenges of learning to breastfeed, and new motherhood and discovered a new passion she didn't realise she had - a passion to support mamas through the challenges of early motherhood, especially mamas doing it tough. Elise is super grateful for the amazing support she has had but knows not every mama has this luxury, so through this venture of The Breastfeeding Box, Mamas Milkbar™ seeks to educate, equip and empower women to overcome the challenges of learning to breastfeed, and supporting disadvantaged mothers.

Phase 1 of this is achieved by committing a donation from every box to The Babes Project, an inspiring organisation supporting women from pregnancy to parenting through the first year.

The vision gets bigger, but it's starting here and we are so grateful for your support in choosing Mamas Milkbar™! Not only are you supporting a mama in her breastfeeding adventures, you are supporting mothers who need an extra hand.

And if all goes to plan, more and more mothers will be partnered with and supported in the years to come!

Love and milk

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Photography credit: 
Thank you to Jodi Bennett for supplying the beautiful shot of a special mama breastfeeding her newborn baby girl on our home page.