Who needs a breastfeeding support kit?

breastfeeding box

Breastfeeding is best, but it's not always easy. Preparation, education and support are KEY to a successful breastfeeding adventure. 

  • Our Breastfeeding Boxes truly support every new mother as she and her baby learn to breastfeed. Each box contains a comprehensive handbook providing education for mothers on how to breastfeed and troubleshooting to overcome the hardships. 

  • The Breastfeeding Box includes products which equip a mother to cope with and overcome the common struggles such as nipple pain, engorgement and milk supply concerns.

  • Breastmilk and breastfeeding are boobs down, the best way to feed and nourish a baby, but it can be hard for many women, even leading to emotional distress; the breastfeeding box will equip a mother with education and equipment to master breastfeeding

  • Formula feeding, the alternative to breastfeeding is EXPENSIVE for families. It can cost a family between $1000-3000 for the first 12 months. Supporting a family to achieve breastfeeding saves them money.

  • Breastfeeding rates in Australia are only 15% and in NZ 19%; we as a community must support mothers to achieve the recommended 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding

    • And lastly, but certainly not least, a donation from EVERY box sold goes to our partner charity, The Babes Project. The Babes Project partners with mothers facing crisis pregnancy, we can't think of a better bunch to support!

    Still not sure? Read how the breastfeeding box has helped mamas already.