Super Simple Silicone Breast Pump

silicone breast pump simple

This little breast pump is a revolution in breast milk expressing. Portable, fits in  your handbag for pumping on the go, no assembly required and EASY TO CLEAN!

It's a great first pump.  Simply position the breast pump cup around your nipple and areola, squeeze the milk collecting cup and feel the pump suction onto the breast. Pop baby on the other breast to feed and once your let down begins, watch in wonder as your milk begins to drip into the pump. Gentle repeat squeezing of the milk cup can also stimulate a let down if you want to use the pump without your baby on the breast or before your baby latches on.

We supply you with the Super Simple Silicone breast pump lid so you can keep your expressed milk in the fridge until you are ready to feed or freeze it. Wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly or sterilise before first use, sterilise between uses. 

BPA free

I absolutely LOVE the manual breast pump. This is such a handy product to have by your side when feeding and managing things like breast engorgement, baby's feeding pattens between breasts, blocked milk ducts and all those fun things I never had any idea about. It's been a time saver and lifesaver!