Instructions for The Breastfeeding Box and Breastfeeding Accessories

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The first, and most important part of a painless, plentiful breastfeeding relationship, is a good latch! Our products can help alleviate the discomfort of adjusting to a baby suckling at your breast, and the discomfort of a poor latch, however even these awesome products cannot improve the latch you and your baby achieve. Please speak to your lactation consultant, midwife or health nurse if your pain, discomfort, or milk supply are concerning you.

Mamas Milkbar™ has all the information you need to start making the most of your new products. Click on the product you want more info about.


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silicone breastpump
lactation biscuit mix galactacookies

breast gel pack warm therapy

hand made wool felt cabbage leaf cold therapy 

washable organic bamboo breast pads

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If you need help or support, are feeling low, or finding breastfeeding difficult, please please please ask for help! Head to the support page to find resources of places ready and willing to assist you as you need!  You don't need to do this alone. 

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