Galactacookies - Lactation Biscuit Mix

lactation biscuit mix galactagogues

This dry biscuit mix can be stored in your pantry until the day when you wonder, "do I have enough breast milk?". It happens to almost every mum at some time or other.

Our Galactacookies contain galactagogues - these are ingredients which can improve milk supply.  Your milk supply will naturally take around 6-8 weeks to settle, often seeming like it's in plentiful abundance, and then feeling like you can't find any milk. But after a couple of months, your boobs and your baby will have it all figured out! These lactation cookies are great after periods of sleeplessness, illness or stress, or if you are feeling like your supply has dwindled. (Remember, how much you pump is NOT an indication of how much you MAKE). 

Whip up a big batch (this mix makes about 20 biscuits) of high energy, galatagogue-containing cookies with our biscuit mix and some simple ingredients to create a tasty snack. Simply add 200g melted butter and 1 egg. If you are feeling creative add chocolate chips, or raisins, spices or thread coconut to add your own unique flavour to the biscuit. Mix it all up in a bowl, and follow the instructions on the label for baking.

You can start with eating a biscuit every time you feed your baby for the first few days, then reducing your intake as you feel appropriate.

Nursing mothers often have big appetites - it's a wonderful excuse to eat treats day and night.

[This recipe anecdotally helps to increase breast milk supply] 

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