Avent Breastshells


avent breastshells

Wear the breastshells in your bra to protect and soothe chaffed, sore, cracked or damaged nipples.

I loved the shells. It was so nice to be able to air my nipples while maintaining some modesty, as they prevented clothing from touching them


As you and your baby learn to breastfeed, it can take time to achieve the perfect and painless latch. Often a poor latch can result in damaged nipples and this is where the breastshells become your newest best friend! Anything from chaffed and squashed nipples, to cracked and bleeding ones, can be symptoms of a poor latch.

Remember, a good latch is key to painless breastfeeding so be sure to work on that too - and as we say at Mamas Milkbar, "latch, latch and latch again". If it doesn't feel right, try again.

In the meantime...

Nipple damage or pain:
Wear the ventilated cups (the ones with the little holes) in your bra to allow cracked or sore nipples to heal, and when you are wearing them they collect any leaking milk! Not a drop of liquid gold is squandered. 

Wear the ventilated cups for up to an hour at a time, as often as you need the relief, but be sure to expose your nipples to fresh air and sunlight whenever possible.

Milk collection:
The non-ventilated cup can be used when breastfeeding your babe on the opposite side to catch any explosive milk leakage during let-down.

We recommend wearing the non-ventilated cups for no more than 20 minutes at a time as ventilation is key when it comes to healing damaged nips

Nothing beats a la naturale for nipple healing...but that's not always practical right?

I wish I had packed these into my hospital bag (like my sister suggested) to use after the first feed. My newborn bubba suckled for an hour or two as soon as he was born, and with his less-than-perfect latch, my nipples were burning within hours. Peeling my bra off sore nipples was almost worse than childbirth (ok, not quite); eventually I got my hands on these breastshells and it was a game changer in my comfort and confidence.
- Elise, founder of Mamas Milkbar