Super Soakers

By Bonnie

I am one of those women with naturally large breasts, which always welcomed comments throughout my life of just how enormous they would end up once pregnant. So I dreaded pregnancy & for good reason, as during pregnancy they jumped from a 10 DD TO A 12E. Then the baby was born & they exploded to such a size that I no longer wanted to face the ladies at the bra shop.  In fact I purchased a few sports bras and it’s now almost 2 years down the track and I still haven’t faced bra shopping! Not to mention I’m again pregnant and still breastfeeding my 2 year old so poor girls have not had proper support for years, and probably won't for another few.

While I’ve been one of the lucky ones who have found breastfeeding quite easy since day dot, I also had too much milk for the first few months and a let down that was like a super soaker from the 90’s. If I was at home - great. I could lie on my side and bubs could feed as he liked. If I was out in public and had to feed sitting up, I either choked him, covered his face in milk, or look like I just entered a wet t-shirt competition.

This prompted the purchase of The Pump and what an invention that is.  A device that stimulates your nipples so milk begins to drip, then trickle into a bottle, all while making a pumping sound almost like a soft grunt. I found this the most degrading part of early motherhood, feeling like a cow constantly being milked. But, the pump was a win because it meant for the first few months while I took my baby out in public I was able to feed him comfortably without the dreaded letdown trying to choke him.

So this was a win on the feeding front, but holy moly! Did this cause an issue when it came to FULL breasts? Have you ever squirted a full drink bottle at someone? This was my life in toilets all around Melbourne. I’d just have to touch them and it was like a loaded weapon that could take an eye out. I always pumped the second I returned home and felt bad about wasting milk in public toilets but it keep my baby and boobs happy.

Once the let down become bearable my baby decided to never take a bottle again & still loves his boobies more then any stuffed toy or train to this day. I’m looking forward to getting my boobs back in another few years (after number 2) and hubby’s looking forward to seeing my girls in an underwire bra in 2019….if he’s lucky.

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