Breastfeeding Support Kit

Achieve your breastfeeding goals with the Golden Boobies Box, a must have for every mama



The breastfeeding box made things so much easier for me - it meant that I had everything I needed at my fingertips and didn't have to leave the house when life was at its most chaotic!


The Golden Boobies box has provided me with things I never knew I needed, put together by a team in the know - for a first time mum this has been a great support. The benefits are both in the knowledge I am able to quickly reference, as well as the practical tools I can use.


I would definitely recommend the breastfeeding box, it was a great gift to receive at my baby shower. For me as a first time mum being new to breastfeeding, the box has lots of possible problems covered.


It has been a really significant, beautiful, and yet testing experience for me and I cannot thank you enough Elise for pouring your heart, soul, and passion into creating something that truly puts mamas first so that their babies can thrive!"

Amy Landry